Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Dream Thought.

Assalamualaikum & Bonjour!
Eid Mubarak to all Muslim(S) !!

It's been so long since the last time I update a new post right? Meh not a big matter because yeah, nobody's gonna read anyway lol. But nvm, I write to express, not to grab any attention. Hehehe.

So, what's the topic today? Basically, nothing. Hahaha. I just feel like writing. But i don't know what topic should I write about. 

But here some thoughts that came to my mind these few days.

1. I really wanna build an empire. A legacy for my generation. Sounds big right? Hahaha yes it is a big dream! I wanna have my own shoes brand. Yup a shoes brand. I don't know why but I really want to own a shoes business. But I don't know how to start it. Should I join Jimmy Choo's shoes class at KL? Hahaha. But that's my long-term goals. For now I just wanna finish my degree.

2. I have a dream of building a kampung house for my parents. The location should be near to sawah padi (WAJIBUL GUNNAH) and of course in Kedah. It will have a huge long green laman which can fits up to 7 cars because yknow, I got 5 siblings including me and currently my parents have 2 cars. Also, the house should have 6 rooms with a bathroom in them so bila raya, everyone can stay there, no need to stay at hotel lulz. And, I will build a small gazebo besides the sawah padi, but still in the fence lah. I will plant a Pelam's tree a few meters from the gazebo and under the tree there is a set of chairs and a table. Just to chilling in the evening. The house concept will be rumah kampung full of classic vibes plus some modern touch! It will be Negeri 9 type of house with the design of Melaka tangga! Hahaha can you imagine it? I have seen this type of houses a lot at Rembau and Melaka. So i wanna build one for my parents! Wait imma put some pictures as examples also as a reference for the future.
Credit: Google

Credit: Marahan Mamat

Can you imagine the happiest celebration of Raya that's going to happen here?! Omg and full of magnificent spot for photoshoot! Hahaha! Please pray I will achieve this before I get married! Aamin!

3. I wanna grad with First Class Degree so bad. Yup, mainly because I don't wanna pay my PTPTN's debt :p My CGPA is amazing for now. I hope I can maintain it until my last semester of degree!

4. I WANT A CAT (yep im a crazy cat lady smh) Scottish Fold would be nice. Also a Munchkin. As long as they have short fur and manja af, I love it! Short fur tapi gebu gebas eii geram!

5. Iriz, Yup a car. So far Proton Iriz capture my heart. Elegant af! The maroon one!

6. My own house. A bungalow. HAHAHAHHAAHAH. Aaaaminnn!

8. I WANT A TWIN. Yes, anak kembar. Tapi tu lah, baka tu nak cari mana hahahaha. So far aku plan, to have 6 children. First should be a son, second should be a daughter, third&fourth should be a twin (boys), fifth should be a daughter, and sixth should be a boy! I want my daughters to have a big brother because I don't have any big brother sobs sobs sobs T.T And I hope all of my boys going to be so handsome and all the girls can hardly breathing. HAHAHAHA. And my daughters will have perfect flawless skins and slay in every outfits they will be wearing. Lmao what am I even thinking hahahaha.

9. Marriage? Erm, this one. So far tak terfikir lagi. But I do have someone. If I lose him, that's mean I'm going to be a single cat lady forever em.


11. I wanna stop being such a hot-tempered lady. Seriously.

12. I want a new laptop. No. I NEED a new laptop because my current laptop is rosak..... 


So I guess that's all? Lmao. Part 2 will be up later if there's more!
Thank you for reading! (lmao is there anyone reading this?)

Till we meet again!


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  1. Hi Naailah,

    Thanks for sharing this post. You sat down, reflected and know your direction in your life.